Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spiral Staircase

It was a light house
so light it was supported
solely by a rubber staircase
a rubber spiral staircase
that held aloft
the living room
kitchen and lounge
in a stack,
jaggeredly arranged
and bouncing gently.
the motion sickness
was hard to get used to
it was brilliant
in an earthquake.

Clipboard 2

did you ever
catch a finger
in the clip
at the top
of your
clip board
and the
ran down
your neat rows
and columns
tin pot


waterproof trousers, tick,
green tomato ketchup, tick,
tuscan olive braces, tick,
german frilly knickers, tick,
aged bakelite knobs, tick,
sandwich crust remover, tick
adjustable egg stand, tick
hat froster, tick

all ready then? yep
let's go


You'll need a lot of pigeons

Pigeons are easy
Doves are more um, selective
I scatter grain
but this time I only net Sea gulls

You netted them?
No I mean figuratively

A pigeon arrives
I marvel at the breast
metallic purples and blues
then another

I never did get enough
dental floss