Saturday, August 01, 2009

Resident (Music)

How much is it? Cheaper to download online. Why would I bother. You tell me. I can’t really imagine why I’d buy this.


No, really listen.

Sounds like indie guitar whining to me. Can’t really take that seriously. Why would I want this?

Because I’m telling you, it ïs gud. Really good. It will take you places.

Sounds like bollocks. Tell me something interesting about this so called music. I can’t fin anything in here to hold on to.

Hold onto me.

A pause. Looking at the cover of the CD, slightly screatched case, somehow hidden or secret, some depth is revealed, the music opens the whilne diminishes, falling out of time for a moment.

Broken. By discography, a long tale of who what and when about this artist. I don’t care, can’t listen, all lost.

I just want that moment back please. When the cover and the sound came together and I felt held.

I buy. I take home. I listen and look and search for that moment. Again and Again.


This from a writing exercise by Libby Davy where we took a random receipt and wrote about it. My receipt was for a CD purchased from Resident in Brighton.
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