Thursday, March 14, 2013

The flow of words

A few thoughts on my current style, topics and writing technology.  This isn't meant to be interesting except as reflection for me.


I'm writing short to medium poems, either modern, fairly flexible haiku, or longer, free-ish verse.   Nothing longer at the moment.


All observations, particularly nature, city, commuting, including walking, trains and the underground. There's a lot to say about the commuter and commuting.  I'm living it.   

Also a little stuff that buddhism/awareness/mindfulness inspired; hopefully not too preachy.  I'm thinking about writing some short angry poems, shouty ones.  Loud shouty haiku. Poetry by the pissed off.

Writing tech

I spent a while fiddling with complex writers tools (nice but closed) and a bit of a play with the kinds of tools I use for software development (git, vim, stuff like that).  All of them ended up suffering from the same thing.. not where I was.  I'd picked up the mantra that writings had to be easily publishable -- as I have no time to transcribe from paper to a blog post or something.  

But guess what?  When I want to write something about where I am (a lot of what I do) I've got a smartphone with me.  So I need something that syncs and shares.  

That seems to be what Evernote was made for.
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